CSWE Site  Licences

Site licence(s)

The Licence Fee covers the cost of the curriculum and one primary delivery site per Registered Training Organisation (RTO). Additional Site Licence Fees cover the cost for delivery at additional sites for that RTO (only). A site is defined as an educational centre at which continuous tuition is offered, inclusive of any outreach/community site which does not offer continuous tuition but which is serviced/administered from the educational centre at which continuous tuition is offered. A site licence must be purchased for each additional site where the curriculum is delivered.

Example: ABC College is based in Penrith. It delivers CSWE II at its colleges in Penrith, Pymble, and Punchbowl. It also delivers ad hoc training to a community group in Parramatta which is administered through its Penrith college. To deliver CSWE II, ABC College pays a Licence Fee and two Additional Site Licence Fees to cover delivery at Penrith, Pymble and Punchbowl. Delivery at Parramatta is covered by the Penrith licence.

Applying for a CSWE licence
1. Place your order online from Curriculum Overview page.
2. Receive your tax invoice, , license certificate(s), curriculum material(s) by email upon completion of your online order.