Negotiating And Problem Solving


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  • Business Team in an office ready for the work day

    Negotiating And Problem Solving

    The Negotiating and problem solving online English course focuses on negotiating leave and work priorities. You also learn how to give an update in a meeting and to raise and discuss a problem. The negotiation strategies you practise will be applicable for many other contexts too.

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  • customer_service

    Customer Service

    The Customer Service online English course will teach you how to give courteous and efficient service on the phone and at reception and how to deal politely and constructively with customer complaints.

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  • pronunciation

    Pronunciation at Work

    Increase the clarity of your speech.This online English course develops the pronunciation skills you need to communicate clearly and effectively in the workplace.
    Through video and listening tasks you will learn, understand and practise the sounds, linking, stress and intonation of English.

    from: $165.00
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    Writing for Work

    Write clearer and more effective communication for the workplace.Learn the skills to write formal and informal workplace texts. Gain the confidence to plan, construct and create essential workplace communication.

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  • grammar

    Grammar You Need

    The Grammar you need online English course provides the language instruction you need to write effectively in the workplace. You will learn to be accurate and acquire practical, useful grammatical structures

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  • Jobseekers

    Jobseekers Online

    Jobseekers Online English course provides you with the knowledge and develops the jobseeking skills you need to find work in Australia and other English-speaking countries.

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    Workplace Communication Skills

    This is an exclusive opportunity for students to purchase the following 6 online English courses designed to develop Advanced Workplace Communication Skills.

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  • living_in_australia_int

    Living In Australia

    Living in Australia develops the language and cultural skills learners need to settle in Australia and participate fully in social, community and workplace settings.

    from: $330.00
  • WWE (1)

    World Wide English + LLG (6 months)

    World Wide English is a suite of general English courses from beginner to intermediate with a work, life and study focus. It’s supported by a mobile app.


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