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Translations can be provided in over 130 languages, by NAATI accredited translators.

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Translation Fees

Asian and European languages $40 / 100 words
Middle Eastern, Burmese and African languages $45 / 100 words
A minimum fee applies $120

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Our Services

Translation of overseas qualifications

Available for $120 including postage for up to 100 words. Click here to pay online for this translation service.

Translation and desktopping of communication materials

NSW AMES assists organisations by arranging translations and desktopping of all your critical communication materials, including: brochures and policy documents.

All translations are done by accredited translators accredited by the National Association for the Accreditation of Translators (NAATI).

Translations are delivered to you electronically in word or we can arrange for documents to be designed to your specifications, including desktopping in Indesign.

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